Great reviews for Devil Music!

Devil Music is another stellar release for Randall – and reviewers agree!

“Always surprising and impressively inventive, Devil Music is the most original, most authentic album to drop this year and an enjoyable listen.”   Blues Rock Review

“It is a full-on, song-filled album that will bring you joy upon repeated plays, and it will surprise you.”  Dave DiMartino, Yahoo Music

“See this guy? He’s only one of the most original and profoundly satisfying artists around today. Bramblett has fashioned a post-Americana statement of profound proportions.”  Mike Greenblatt, Goldmine Magazine

“Written, produced, sung, and played with unique perspective and awesome pizzazz, this highly inventive Devil Music is incredibly cool to just sit back with and enjoy.”  Tom Clarke, Elmore Magazine

“Devil Music” exemplifies more than ever what a significant and important musician we have in Randall Bramblett.”   Wildman Steve, The Corner News

“A dark, swampy groovefest.”

“It distills the inclinations of a man who may not have been born into the blues but who connects with them on a soul level.”  Indy Week

“Wrap all this up and you have a nasty little delicacy of an album from one of the most prolific and uncompromising Southern voices of our age.”  Lexington Herald

“Randall Bramblett continues to carve out his Classic City legacy with album after stellar album of rootsy rock and roll. This album further codifies Bramblett’s distinct Deep South groove and reminds us that’s he’s still, after all these years, one of our state’s most vital working musicians.”  Flagpole

“Dynamically delivered.  It comes across with both grit and a groove, darkly defiant and yet impressively authentic.”  Glide Magazine

“Devil Music is just the latest jewel in the crown of Bramblett’s incredibly prolific career. To have such an extraordinary voice from the South who holds the past in reverence but is not trapped by it. It is a true treat.”  Bruce Yandle, Making a Scene Magazine

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