Devil Music Lyrics

Devil Music       c. 2015

Dead In The Water

I run out of gas on the Huey Long Bridge
And the moon was drownin in the mud
Don’t think about walkin back to town
Don’t think about jumpin it’s too far down

Dead in the water
Hidin in a whisper tree
Preacher on the corner
Shoutin to an empty street

Mama been flyin
Drinkin that benzedrine
She’s scrubbin the floor with a toothbrush
But she just can’t get it clean

Dead in the water
Hidin in a whisper tree
Man on the corner
Shoutin to an empty street

Hey … hey

Hidin in the saw grass
Drinkin from a shot glass
While the black wind howls
While the police scowl

Starin at the night sky
While you’re makin up a good lie
When the lights come on you got to be strong
Better think of something sweet
‘Fore they put you in the back seat

Dead in the water

Devil Music

Wolf cried all the way to Memphis
‘Cause his mama turned him
Turned him away

Don’t you know he searched her out
After he was doing good
Little town in Mississippi
He was drivin a big Pontiac
You know he ran up to her
You know he called her by name
Said, “Mama, can I help you out? I’m doin good”
Tried to slip her some money
But she turned him away-turned him away
“Devil get away from me”
Sanctified …

Mama, I can’t stop playin that devil music
Devil music got in my soul

I’m satisfied that everybody’s wrong sometime
I’m satisfied that nobody knows for sure
And you can’t change a sanctified mind
But the need of a mother’s love can’t be denied


Older than your Bible
Mean as it needs to be
Stronger than a hurricane
Deep as the Mississippi
Keep you moanin in the midnight hour
Keep you goin when you want to give up
Make you laugh at the twists and turns
Of a life gone wrong
At the cruel world spinning
At the wrong crowd winning
Call it what you want to …


Keep you workin in the fields
Keep you livin through the hurricane
Big man cryin
All the way to Memphis
Cry, cry, cry
Hubert said they couldn’t settle him down
Cry, cry, cry

Bottom Of The Ocean

I got the submarine
Parked down on Frenchman Street
I’m gonna take it down
To the bottom of the ocean
I know it’s time to go
Little cracks they start to show
You’re gonna leave me high and dry

I’ve been crying
And it didn’t do me no good
I’ve been wearin out
The streets of my neighborhood
Now I’m walkin
On the bottom of the ocean

I try to play your game
Instructions they never came
No use in tryin to win your love
Why do you treat me bad
And trash all the things we had
All I want to do is make you mine


I been up here too long
Tryin the good life on
Keepin my voices to myself
All of this randomness
Can’t find a place to rest
Only feel good when I’m going down


Angel Child

Spider web hangin in the arms of my chair
Dust on the counter top
Get me away from here
Someday I’m gonna get myself fixed up
Take you on a trip down to Shellman Bluff
Oh baby, you’re my angel child

It’s so quiet I hear my ‘frigerator running
I don’t know which way my next breath’s coming
Can’t let you see me when I look like this
Come back tomorrow night and give us a kiss
Oh baby, you’re my angel child

Baby, when the wind is howling
And the dogs are growlin at my door
I don’t pay them any mind
Even when the sun’s not shining
You know you are my silver lining

Crank up your motor, let the tailpipe drag
Standin on the porch with your clothes in a grocery bag
Who am I to tell you that you can’t find love
Lookin so pretty with your mind made up
Oh baby, you’re my angel child

Pride In Place

I got a bad feeling that I’ll never be satisfied
There’ll always be something
Try to bring me down inside
Ain’t no words for the way I feel
Lookin at your photograph
You know I’ve got to walk away
Just to keep my pride in place

Oh-oh,I got to keep my pride in place
Oh-oh,nobody take my pride away

There’s nothing to see here
‘Cept the wreckage of a poor man’s dream
Ain’t nothin but trouble
Tryin to fit in someone else’s scheme
I got no words for the way I feel
Standin in the knee high grass
I swear I’m ‘bout to blow away
Watchin the shiny cars go screamin past


When you want to love somebody
With all your damaged soul
You don’t want to know about
The fire that started that you can’t control


Reptile Pilot

Animals-with the craving to be angels
Angels, but we can’t get past
Bein animals-with dreams of flyin
I got a reptile pilot in my aeroplane

Different but we’re all the same
Rise up and fall down again
People-I want to keep on flyin
I got a reptile pilot in my aeroplane

You know I’m smart as a whip-I got my degree
Dumb as a brick-I can’t really see
What’s right here in front of me
Sharp as a tack-I’m a bootstrap millionaire
Blind as a bat in the sun and I don’t even care

My doctor told me you’re above my raisin’
But you know that I’ve always been crazy ‘bout you
I got juices flowin and genes that won’t listen
I got children all over the place
That say they don’t even miss me

And I want to act right and people to call me “Mister”
But I got two voices and they always whisper to me
One says, “Stop sign” and one says, “Go through it”
I know you’re trouble
But I just want to do it anyway …

Whiskey Headed Woman

I can’t do nothin with you
You won’t do right
Slip out every evening
Stay gone all night

You’re a whiskey headed woman
I believe you want to stay drunk all the time
Whiskey headed woman
I’m about to lose my feeble mind

I can’t use it
I can’t use it
(Don’t give it to me)

I used to hear the birds in the morning
Now I got the earplugs in
I feel the rays of sunlight
Crawlin underneath my skin

You’re a whiskey headed woman
Got me broke into a sweat
You’re a whiskey headed woman
I’m gon’ catch up with you yet

I can’t use it
Shirt around my head
I can’t use it
Shoulda stayed in bed

Whiskey headed woman
I believe you want to stay high all the time

Strong Love

I got my feet on the rock
I got my hand raised up
I got my enemies in my head
But I keep ‘em tied down y’all

I been up all evening
And I got it figured out
I don’t need no sleeping
‘Cause I’m livin on strong love

Livin on strong love
Got no one to blame
Even the heavens above
I’m an independent man
And I’m free to love

I been lookin for you baby
Yeah, lookin high and low
Come on out here and take my hand
And we’ll be livin on strong love
Livin on strong love

Got no bootstraps to be pullin on
Got no coattails to be hangin on
But I got the combination baby
To unlock every door

Come over to my house
Why don’t you sit right down
Don’t have to worry about a thing
‘Cause we’ll be livin on strong love
Livin on strong love


There’s a window in my bedroom
Where the wind sneaks through

There’s a rock where my pillow used to be
There’s a crack in my dreams
Where the truth slips through
And I’m on my way to freedom now

Ride, ride, ride
They call my bus the freedom line
Free, free, free
I won’t be turnin back this time

This trouble in your home
It’s built into the bricks
And there’s nothing you can do to change it
And you can’t tell yourself the same old lies
They just won’t stand up in the light of day

Ride, ride, ride
They call your bus the freedom line
Free, free, free
You won’t be turnin back this time

Light a candle on the altar before you go
Say a prayer for the ones you leave behind
I put a light in my window
And it’s gonna burn for us too
Now we got to step up and ride

Ride, ride, ride
They call our bus the freedom line
Free, free, free
We won’t be turnin back this time

Thing For You

You’re a bad girl, baby
But you look so fine
You’re in and out of trouble
But you’re always on my mind

I’m over my head and I know it
But what can I do
Ain’t no way around it baby
I got a thing for you

I … I got a thing for you

All your friends and your relations
Won’t give me the time of day
When I try to catch your eye
You just walk away

All the medicine in the world
Won’t keep me from feelin blue … no, no
Even my doctor told me
I got a thing for you

I … I got a thing for you

Leanin out the window
Sure hope I don’t fall
It’s a dangerous situation
That don’t bother me at all

I look down into the street
And I see you standing there
I’m hallucinatin baby
But I just don’t seem to care

Oh, I … I got a thing for you

Missing Link

I barrel thru the ragged sky
One dark cloud at a time
I’m comin down from the heavens baby
Just to bring you some sunshine

I am the missing link
In your winding chain
We got a soul connection
When you call my name

Sometime I come and go so fast
I don’t leave no fingerprints
This time I’m gonna slow it down for you baby
Just to keep you in suspense


Don’t try to understand it
‘Cause it don’t make no sense
I got a strong attraction to you baby
And you don’t have no defense