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Juke Joint at the Edge of the World is one of the most soulful albums Randall Bramblett has ever recorded. The music thumps at your heart, grabs your soul, and makes you want to get up and dance.”   – Merlin David, M Music & Musicians magazine

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“Bramblett shows no sign of slowing down as he and his band run through ten more reasons why the once sideman/now frontman is a classy, roots rocking journeyman on the verge of breaking out. Musically, the album’s combination of Steely Dan twisted jazz, Traffic-styled psychedelics and Beck influenced lyrical weirdness remains compelling and inventive. The music, marinated in Southern swamp and alternating between sing-along catchy and more hypnotically mellifluous melodies, is so consistently captivating and creative, it’s impossible not to return for multiple spins. Like its haunting yet amusing title, Juke Joint at the End of the World is both familiar and oblique, simmering in Bramblett’s established style while bringing energy and imaginative passion to the table that, this far into his extensive career, is refreshing and even revelatory.”  Hal Horowitz, American Songwriter

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“The GENUINE Article – Randall Bramblett’s latest release reaffirms his status as the high poet of authenticity, heartache and honky tonk.   Never one to step back from test-driving new ideas, Bramblett uses this 10-song collection to propel his forays into sonic textures even deeper, with electronic sounds and unique production ideas that most of his peers wouldn’t dream of exploring. Lyrically, Bramblett is true to form, and maintains his top-level skills as an incisive songsmith.”  Daniel Brown, Folio Weekly Jacksonville, FL

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Juke Joint at the Edge of the World extends the direction pursued on 2015’s Devil Music, but it’s more consistent and less indulgent and frenetic, while simultaneously being more loose and musically adventurous. This is Bramblett and band doing nothing more than getting good songs across with the grit and immediacy they would get in a club — and that’s plenty.”  Thom Jurek,

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“Bramblett’s been a one-of-a-kind songwriter, singer, and player for over 40 years. Juke Joint At The Edge Of The World—his eleventh gift from the studio— contains artistry that absolutely astounds.”        Tom Clarke, Elmore Magazine 

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“While Randall Bramblett has found notoriety as a sideman to stars such as Gregg Allman and Steve Winwood and Widespread Panic, he has almost quietly forged a solo career over the past 20 years grounded in some of the most compelling original songs of any Southern writer.” Brenda Stepp, ArtsATL

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“It’s a record that pairs literate and intriguing lyrics with a funk, soul, blues and jazz melange.  (It) includes plenty of intense instrumental solos from Bramblett and two guitarists — his touring guitarist Nick Johnson (Col. Bruce Hampton & The Pharoah Gummitt) and Davis Causey, a partner of Bramblett’s since the Sea Level days”  Tad Dickens, The Roanoke Times

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 “Randall Bramblett begins his 11th studio album with a bald-faced lie: “I ran out of ideas a long time ago,” he sings over the hotwired, loop-loving groove of the opener, “Plan B.” As the tune erupts into bursts of sass and twisted swing, you’ll realize, of course, that this immensely resourceful Southern songsmith is putting us on…(He) has been making primo records since the 1970s that characterize his sense of literary detail and Southern-fried rhythm.   …Another Bramblett epic.”   Walter Tunis, Lexington Herald

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“(This is the) eleventh album by the singer-songwriter and multi-instumentalist, and its musical grit and funky tunes make it one of his best. The magic that drives this album is the use of his touring band to record it. His last album was filled with big name guest stars but on “Juke Joint at the Edge of the World” Bramblett uses the second language he and his band have developed on the road to give the songs the immediacy that sets them apart.”    WHRV, Paul Shugrue, Norfolk, VA  

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“Bramblett’s music combines soul and funk, poetic imagery and brilliant musicianship. This highly recommended album is quite an accomplishment.”   Richard Ludmere, Making A Scene!

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“It’s a record that deserves (much!) Respect, even though it may sometimes sound a bit dated.(I’m not sure yet!) But I even think that, at a time when so many noises have replaced music, that can be an advantage. There is artistic marrow, vast experience and a lot of groove here. The ten tracks are firecrackers! ”  translated    Lucas Krempel, Radar #23  Brazil

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